Friday, 10 July 2009

New Continental - Cider Festival

The Cider Festival, another triumph for everyone at the New Continental, began with a gloriously sunny afternoon and evening yesterday (9 July).
I'll have to cross my fingers and wait for the end on Saturday to see if any of the Thatcher's ciders are left; as I'm photographing the impressive line up of bands, the happy patrons and the intensively overworked & magnificant crew serving up the drinks I'm on the water & ice for the duration.
They have also managed to sneak in continuing refurbishment inside and new seating outside without much of a fanfare.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Stepping On Shadows

Elsewhere Preston was experiencing a carnival, which had already got me remembering the Carnival of Souls as I started out along the Ribble towards the Dolphin. Nine miles in all, with plenty of time to give some thought on what this Blog will be about. Though as I started I was mostly musing on shadows, the scatter and pattern and sway of the tree branches laying glimmering nets woven of sunlight and shade on the ground, which could have you thinking about how the Jungian shadow aspect gets twitched and bounced and waved and flown in the wind of our unconscious desires, followed mostly with how you could make a selection of a shot up through a leafy branch in Photoshop, pile in some feathering, a touch of free transform, fill to taste and pop some Gaussian blur over the top to simulate the shadow part of the pattern. Or just take a photo of the sunlight and shadows on the ground.

I could write my take on walking the Ribble, but Save The Ribble has it nicely covered. Covering the events at the Continental and some links on the photos I've been snapping seems a must. More must be done for Word Soup and I'm still thinking on PAD's 1st Contemporary Film Night: it is a rare event that can have you collared on on the street the following day, in this case by Peter, eager to discuss the evening's eclectic mix of films. It needs to happen again and soon.

Which is probably what needs to happen with this Blog, write more, again and soon.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

There is a first time for everything

... and this is the first time I've blog'd. I am, of course, following none of the advice Andy Dickinson laid out for us at The Continental last week, but I thought I had better start and make those informed and considered decisions later.

For now I need to sleep.